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Your pets are welcome at Hazel

Home for the whole family

Having a pet shouldn't mean that you have to give up on luxury living. That's why Hazel is proudly pet-friendly, with dedicated facilities like our first-rate dog wash station, so that you know your animals are as welcome as you are.

Hazel isn't just pet-friendly, it's designed with your furry friends in mind. The dog wash station is complete with temperature controlled jets and a non-slip floor, so you can pamper your pooch without leaving the building.

We allow a maximum of two (2) pets:

  • Domestic (indoor) cats
  • Dogs (based on approval of the landlord)
  • Birds (limit one cage of four birds. One (1) cage counts as one pet)
  • Fish (tank volume must not exceed 30gal/113L. One (1) tank counts as one pet)

Please note that we require one half (1/2) a months rent as a deposit for permitted pets.